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General Science Homework for the week of:

April 23 - 27

Assignments are DUE on the day listed!
Date Assignment
Monday 4-23-18

Pacific Ring of Fire:

Using the internet, answer the following questions using complete sentences:

  1. Where is the Pacific Ring of Fire?
  2. What are all the countries on the Pacific Ring of Fire?
  3. How many volcanoes are located in each country? 
  4. Why do volcanoes occur along the Pacific Ring of Fire?
  5. Extra credit: List one volcano from each country listed in question 2.
Tuesday 4-24-18 Work on Mapping Earthquake and Volcanoes Lab
Wednesday 4-25-18

Mapping Earthquake and Volcanoes Lab


Thursday 4-26-18

Report Cover for CA Standard 9 Project

Notebook Check (Contents: Notebook check , Topographic Mapping Notes , Topographic Mapping Quiz , Topographic map handout 1 , Topographic map handout 2 , Topographic map handout 3 , P. 300 #1-6 , Earthquake notes , Earthquake word search , Richter Scale Lab , Earthquake Quiz , Volcano notes , Volcano chart , Volcanic hazards , Volcano handout , Pacific Ring of Fire , Mapping Earthquake and Volcano Lab , Standard 9 instructions )

Friday 4-27-18 Hazard Pamphlet


Useful link: Earth Science book




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