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8-13-20: AP physics students, I will be available tomorrow morning starting at 9:00AM for help on zoom.  Click this link to join and please email if you are having any difficulties!

8-6-20: AP physics students, I have updated the syllabus to account for some of the changes due to COVID. Although the summer assignment has not been affected, please read over the COVID-adjusted syllabus and email me the new syllabus signature slip even if already sent me the original syllabus slip. Enjoy the remainder of your break and if you have any last minute questions, I am always available via email and will also be available on zoom next Friday morning. The link for the zoom meeting will be available next week.

Summer 2020: AP physics students, I hope you summer assignment is complete! If you need any last minute help I will be available the morning of Monday August 10th in room 111. Make sure to download our book to get the assignment done!


Some old links from previous years:

You budding young physicists better beware the Physics Monster! (Thanks A.O. for the depiction)

As you can see here, I have some fans of "The Office" in my physics class!

See what Mr. Rodriguez would like as a superhero!

Earth science students, check out the world's largest lava lake caused by a divergent boundary! Physics students and parents, here's a great little physics comic.

Thanks Joey for creating the world's first and second crododiles!





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